Monday, 10 November 2014

Do you want to learn how to design a rigorous impact evaluation?

Over the last 10 years I have worked on the evaluation of development programmes and seen how the use of evidence-based policy making in international development has evolved. In March 2013 I ran the first Impact Evaluation Design short course at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the response was overwhelming! The course held the following year was equally successful and I’m delighted to announce that the course will run again next year from 20 April to 24 April 2015.

Participants’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This year’s evaluations highlighted, for example:

‘The superb quality of all facilitators… quantity of examples and resources. Learning the difference between experimental quasi-experimental designs as well as the group presentation on these themes..’

‘The course has been insightful in improving my understanding of IE and assist in determining which areas to apply it on and when.’

‘My course objectives were excellently met as it gave me a lot of input to the planned IE. The mixed methods concepts is very valuable.’

And IDS Alumni Ashley Kuchanny attended the course and has written eloquently about how she is applying the knowledge and experience gained in her work with Children on the Edge.  

About the Impact Evaluation Design short course
The course is particularly targeted at researchers, managers, and practitioners of development. The focus is on how to design a rigorous impact evaluation in a developing country. This includes things like theory of change, experiments and quasi-experiments, and sampling. My expertise is in quantitative methods and I will be joined by Professor Robert Chambers (IDS) and Dee Jupp who are experts in qualitative approaches. They will illustrate the use of old and new qualitative evaluation techniques such as reality checks. The goal is to design an evaluation that incorporates the best of qualitative and quantitative research.

So if you’re interested in learning more about Impact Evaluation design, take a look at our short course web page.

Finally, we’re glad to announce that three bursaries will be offered for participants from low income countries, two from the International Initiative for Evaluation 3(ie) and one from IDS. As you can imagine demand for these limited places is very high!

About the author
Edoardo Masset is a research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies and is leading the Impact Evaluation Design short course.

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  1. Its interesting!! Your short course was nice about evaluation design.


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